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Sharing photography tips with strangers is risky business. I usually don’t offer any help unless it’s very obvious that help is needed then I politely ask if I can lend a hand. I was having a late diner during a recent trip to Santiago Chile…

Sharing my love of photography!

Photo Nov 10, 4 12 18 PM

  A couple days ago Lori and I visited Vagabond Brewing and learned quite a bit about their business. Its owned by a group of Marines and they make some great tasting beer. Alvin gave us a tour of their amazing facility and explained they try to be…

Vagabound Brewery

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  Massages are great but it’s very important to find the right therapist. I prefer a deep tissue massage and after being let down a few times I finally found Julie Ann. My body type is on the large side but Julie Ann’s techniques are…

Julie Ann Woodman – LMP

Seattle, Photography, Family, Art, Carlos Zamora, Spanish, espanol, portrait, landscape, fotografia, photo, headshot, Happy,

Over the past few years I’ve noticed that a lot of photography themes deal with sad and unpleasant subjects. War, addiction, and other forms of suffering make for compelling photography but I believe they aren’t ideal to inspire happiness or turn a bad day into…

Project “Happy”



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This past Labor Day weekend, Lori and I headed off to Prosser for some fun and relaxation, not to mention wine tasting. I initially thought to pack my digital camera but instead decided to pack my 30 year old Polaroid SX-70. I also packed a…

Smile, it’s a Polaroid



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Christian and his daughter were having a serious discussion about Dora the Explorer, she wasn't very happy I interrupted.

I get a thrill out of meeting and talking with new people and since I’m a photographer I want to take a photo. My wife and I recently visited Sayulita, Mexico and I was fortunate to have met some interesting folks. I met people everywhere,…

Beach Portrait Series – Sayulita, Mexico


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I love using different kinds of media to create special family portraits. The first photo is created with a Polaroid SX-70 from about 1970 and it looks fantastic! I love the dreaminess of the photo and all its imperfections but the lovely family is still…

Step out of the norm with these unique vintage portraits.