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Click HERE to learn about my art project being featured in this years Seattle Erotic Art Festival!


I was blessed by adoption and I want to share my story by creating a series of photographs that capture how my life could have been. Please help me fund my Kickstarter project. Click here for more information: Parallelism Kickstarter Project We all have unique stories…



  Social media has evolved from a network of friends and family to a network of colleagues and potential customer. Careful attention need to be placed on the type of content that is posted to social media sites because it could be the first impression…

Headshots are important


I love using different kinds of media to create special family portraits. The first photo is created with a Polaroid SX-70 from about 1970 and it looks fantastic! I love the dreaminess of the photo and all its imperfections but the lovely family is still…

Step out of the norm with these unique vintage portraits.